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It’s almost the season to be Jolly!

With the holiday season fast approaching, we’re sure many of you are busy planning and prepping for your big Christmas party! As you dive into the details, one crucial aspect to consider is setting the perfect theme and style, and of course, no celebration is complete without stunning decorations!

If you saw our previous blog, “Christmas with County Marquees East Anglia,” we’re sure you decided to boost your celebration with a marquee. Now we’re back to help you elevate your event even more – here are 5 must-have Christmas marquee decorations to make your event go from good to amazing!


1. Fairytale lighting!

Transform your marquee into a Winter wonderland with a dazzling display of lights!

There’s nothing like the right lighting to set the mood. The perfect lighting can truly define the mood of your celebration. Whether you’re aiming for a charming and relaxed atmosphere with a soft glow or a festive and energetic vibe with flashing lights, the right illumination sets the tone.

At County Marquees East Anglia, home to the finest marquee hire Essex has to offer, we bring you a whole range of hireable lighting options to elevate your Christmas marquee party! From the delicate sparkle of fairy lights to the allure of festoon lights, we’ve got the ideal Christmas marquee decorations to make your event truly magical!

Get in touch to find out more about our marquee lighting options, and why we have the best marquee hire Essex can offer!

Christmas marquee decorations lighting from County Marquees East Anglia

2. Dance floors – dance the night away!

No Christmas celebration is complete without a dance floor to boogie on!

With the incredible dance floors we offer here at County Marquees East Anglia – supplier of the best marquee hire Essex – you’ll impress your guests with ease.

Add a dance floor to your marquee setup, and watch your guests dance the night away to their favourite festive tunes. A designated dance area ensures that your event is filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of memories! Whether you prefer our oak or black and white check dance floors, or even our mesmerising LED dance floors, we’ve got the perfect Christmas marquee decorations for you!


3. Fantastic furniture

Furniture will make up most of your Christmas marquee decorations – so make sure they’re something special! Explore a variety of exceptional options, including trestle and rustic tables, benches, and vintage-style seating, to ensure your marquee is adorned with the finest furniture selections.

Keep your guests comfortable in beautiful and unique Christmas marquee decorations from County Marquees East Anglia – get in touch to find out more!


4. Festive fire pits

When throwing a winter marquee party, keeping your guests warm is key, and why not do it with style? Firepits are a must-have!

Firepits aren’t just functional; they’re fantastic Christmas marquee decorations that add a festive and rustic charm to your event! Imagine the cosy atmosphere created by a crackling fire pit, serving as a focal point for guests to gather and share stories. According to recent studies, firepits can even help reduce our stress and make us feel good!

A fire pit adds a touch of warmth and elegance to your winter festivities – especially if you hire from County Marquees East Anglia!

We’re not just known for having the best marquees in Essex; we’ve got the most fabulous firepits too! Choose from indoor or outdoor options, all beautifully designed – check them out on our website!

Christmas marquee decorations firepit from County Marquees East Anglia

5. Bar hire – raise a glass to the best Christmas marquee decorations!

It’s Christmas – you’ll need an impressive bar! At County Marquees East Anglia, we offer hirable bars that will elevate your Christmas celebration to new heights this 2023!

Imagine a stylish and functional bar, customisable to suit the theme of your event, becoming the focal point where guests can raise a toast to the joys of Christmas. It’s not just a place to stock drinks; it’s a hub for keeping the good times flowing throughout the entire celebration!

Get in touch to find out more about our hirable bar options, or for more information on why we have the best marquee hire Essex can offer.


The best marquee hire Essex can offer!

If a marquee wasn’t your pick for this year’s Christmas party venue, no worries! There’s always next year to make the perfect choice!

Whether you’re securing your spot for Christmas 2024 or planning a summertime ball or a springtime wedding, our selection of versatile marquees has got you covered.

From our sail cloth marquee, our traditional marquee, our one-of-a-kind transparent marquee and so much more, we’ve got a unique venue for every occasion. Check out our blog “Types of marquees” to find out what we can offer you, and why we have the best marquee hire Essex can offer.

Planning for your next event just got a whole lot easier!


Why our additional Christmas marquee decorations can make all the difference!

Here at County Marquees East Anglia, we believe it’s the little things that make a big difference. Whether it’s the warm glow of festive lights, stylish furniture, or any other detail of your 2023 Christmas party, our Christmas marquee decorations are here to help.

Ready to transform your celebration with our Christmas marquee decorations? Get in touch!

If you haven’t found everything you desire, be sure to explore our additional equipment list – you might find exactly what you’re looking for!


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