Conditions of Hire:

  1. Hire charges are calculated on the understanding that the site intended to be used is level, and provides reasonable and unimpeded access for commercial vehicles to unload within 15 metres, for further distances please advise, an unloading/carry charge may apply. The area is not subject to known landslip or flooding and further on the understanding that there are no drains, pipes, cables, gas mains or other services or apparatus of a similar nature beneath the surface of the site or otherwise concealed from view. In the event of damage being caused to a surface or apparatus as aforementioned, the hirer shall indemnify the company in respect of any loss occasioned thereby.

  3. The hire charges do not include the making good or repair of damage to the site, the access thereto, or damage to the fixtures or installations situate thereon, and the hirer shall indemnify the company against all claims in respect thereof.

  5. For the purposes of this agreement, if equipment is hired by or on behalf of a club, society or unincorporated association, the hirer shall be deemed the person or persons making the agreement with the company.

  7. Unless agreed in writing the hire of equipment is for one day only. Any additional days hire may be subject to additional charges. The company will advise the day of delivery one full week before the event, although this is subject to change at the company’s discretion.

  9. The hirer shall confirm their order, at which time a 20% non-refundable deposit is required. Either party shall have a 7 day cooling off period with the right to terminate the contact without penalty. In such an event the company will return all deposit sums to the client. Once the cooling off period has passed should either party cancel the contract  a charge  will be paid of 50% of the Hire Charge save that if it is cancelled within 28 days prior to the event in which case the full charge will be payable.

  11. Should the Client cancel and the Company is able to re-let the Equipment then the Client shall not pay the full cancellation charge but an administration charge not exceeding the 20% deposit amount.

  13. If the Equipment cannot be installed because of adverse weather or other circumstances beyond its reasonable control the Company shall not be liable to pay further compensation to the Client other than monies already paid.

  15. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all hire charges are net and the balance is payable 2 weeks prior to the date of the event. The company will accept normal and reasonable adjustment of the order, large scale changes will be subject to above charges unless otherwise agreed in writing. The company will supply all items as listed in the sales order but reserves the right to change/replace items with similar equipment at its discretion should the need arise.

  17. The company accepts no responsibility for any damage however caused as a result of the hirer or any other person moving the marquees or any other part of the equipment, and the hirer shall indemnify the company in respect of any damage or loss occasioned thereby. The hirer further undertakes not to remove any part or parts of the main structure, ropes or stakes and indemnify the company in respect of any damage or loss occasioned thereby. Windows and walling maybe folded back or rolled up.

Care of the equipment

    1. The hirer shall be responsible for the safety and security of the equipment from its arrival on site until its removal from site whether or not such period commences prior to, or is terminated after the period of hire. The hirer shall make good to the company all loss and damage to the equipment caused as the result of any action or omission on the part of the hirer or any failure on the part of the hirer to fulfill the contract. The hirer is also responsible for any damage caused by other companies (caterers, florists, bands etc.). The hirer shall be required to leave the marquee in a clean and reasonable condition inclusive of wiping tables and bars etc. ready for its removal from site, or a cleaning charge maybe incurred. If the equipment is installed in open space the hirer shall be required to ensure supervision or additional insurance.


    1. The company shall insure the marquee and equipment against fire and all the normal insurance perils, but the hirer shall be responsible for the first £500 of any loss or damage. In addition the hirer shall be responsible for the payment of a premium calculated at a rate of up to 5% of the hire cost of the equipment (£10.00 minimum).


By booking the hirer shall comply and rely on these terms as acceptance and confirmation that they have read and agree to the terms and conditions as stated from clauses 1-8. All contracts and agreements are contingent upon strikes, accidents, severe storms, floods or other causes beyond our control.