At County Marquees East Anglia, we believe that marquee weddings give you a blank canvas to create the wedding of your dreams. First up is selecting the right marquee for your marquee decorations in order to set the tone for your special day. There may be a lot of planning involved to style your marquee to suit you, from choosing the right lighting, draping and fabric to the final touches.

Everything from lighting to furniture will encapsulate your theme and the style of your marquee. In this blog, you will find our full guide to marquee decorations for your wedding.

Selecting the right marquee

Selecting the right marquee in the very beginning is probably the biggest task to take on when planning your marquee wedding. You’ll want your marquee to tie in with your theme and set the tone.
There is a range of styles of marquees to choose from varying from traditional marquees with a classic feel, to sail cloth marquees with their modern finish. You might choose a clear-span marquee that lets all the light in, or an array of tipis and bell tents for variety and more of a festival look and feel.

You can check out more on our different styles of marquees in our previous blog: How to choose a marquee for a wedding from our five amazing options

Choose a theme for your marquee decoration

When choosing a theme for your wedding the options are endless. Do you want it to feel vintage, rustic, boho, modern or classic? Once this is decided you can focus on the finer details!

Fabric and drapes

Drapes and fabric can be used to make the marquee unique to you and personalised. One option is that you could use soft ceiling drapes for a romantic feel or you could use wall hangings to decorate the marquee walls and build on your own style with your marquee decoration.


Fairy lights are a fantastic favourite for dressing your marquee, giving a magical effect.

You could also hang chandeliers for a really elegant, sophisticated touch towards marquee decoration. Otherwise, maybe consider lanterns for a warm glow. It all depends on the look you’re going for and how you want your guests and you to feel.


You will probably want to include flooring in your marquees to bring everything together and provide a uniform feel to your marquee decoration. There are many options that you could choose from whether that be wooden flooring that offers a rustic feel or carpets to bring a softness in a colourway that complements your theme. You may also want to consider a dance floor to bring the crowd together!


Furniture plays a massive role in the styling of your Marquee wedding. You can mix and match furniture for a unique look, have long banquet tables for a communal feel or opt for uniform round tables to keep everything cohesive.

Floral arrangements

Floral arrangements can range from centrepieces to arches or hanging installations. You can choose the right colours for your colour scheme and style. Arches can create a fantastic dramatic look to your marquee decoration whereas hanging installations could include lots of greenery for a lush, garden-like feel.

Table settings

Your table setting could include things like place cards or table numbers. The marquee decoration you choose will incorporate every detail down to your choice of plates, glassware and cutlery, all polished and coordinated with the overall colour scheme.


Decorative details

For your decorative details, you may want to consider things like custom signs for directions, menus and seating charts. There’s always the option for props, especially if you’re including a photo booth. Lastly, you can incorporate personal touches such as DIY decor to make the space yours and even more unique!

Entrance and exit

Considering the entrance and exit to your wedding marquee will tie everything together neatly. There’s the option to make a grand entrance with a decorated archway, or you could light the path to the marquee with lanterns, flowers or candles. The exit may be just as important, so why not plan a memorable exit that paves the way for your guest’s come-home time?

Rock The Day

We hope this blog has helped you to explore some different marquee decoration options for your wedding and given you some inspiration for your big day. If you don’t know where to begin or would like to leave it to the professionals, please feel free to check out our recommended supplier Rock The Day, for everything you would want from creative venue stylists.

Contact us for more information on marquee hire or with your marquee decoration ideas.

If there’s anything we can do to help make your marquee decoration dreams come true, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your enquiries. With our wealth of experience, we can certainly advise you which marquee would suit your needs.


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