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Traditional Marquee Hire

We are proud to supply sublime quality traditional marquees across from our Essex base for all manner of events, from weddings to summer fairs.

Traditional marquees require wooden poles and natural canvas coverings along with guy ropes; as a result of this the marquee must be situated on grass. Should you require a marquee for solid ground area please view our Clear Span marquees.

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Outside view of a traditional marquee hired for a wedding.

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A wedding reception held in an unlined traditional marquee.

A traditional canvas marquee provides an elegant finish to your event; it offers a beautiful focal point and looks extraordinary in a garden setting or with the backdrop of a country house. As you can imagine, a traditional marquee is a top choice for many of our customers.

Luxury lined or rustic unlined look

You can opt for your traditional marquee to either be fitted with lining or remain unlined. Our canvas is a fresh, natural fabric, which looks fantastic without lining, many opt for this for it's unadorned, rustic appearance that the centre poles and guy ropes compliment perfectly.

Luxury Lined Interior
Traditional marquee lined interior 2b051f361e377b0e9a57fa8c307cd0830d6fc614dce81ca2b776286b0c2420d0

Traditional marquee with luxury lined interior.

Rustic Unlined Interior
Rustic unlined look 507e418ab3584f7d7948e6d802920937dab3b3a01ccfca35a14d5bc902533062

Traditional marquee with rustic unlined interior.

A great benefit of a canvas design is it's ability for the interior to breathe, a welcome relief on a hot summers day.

Traditional Marquees are a fantastic 'empty space' for you to customise as you see fit. You can design your own d├ęcor and atmosphere according to your event creating a design that is unique to you.

We also provide a selection of high quality linings; lighting, flooring and dance floors to add spectacular effects to your exclusive setting. For details please view our <a href="/additional-equipment.html">additional equipment</a> page.

Traditional marquee 03 67f4eca49f083b69748b2f9f5153f68523848cd3dde7e7b55ec73c0e06fec18e

A traditional marquee shown at night, the marquee is lit using our lighting equipment.

Traditional marquee 04 58c2c1415ef957ffebee317260577577a100cf72c488843a7ae1e8e29df81acd

Black and white image of a traditional marquee.

We provide traditional marquees for hire to all areas of East Anglia including Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. We would love to hear from you so please feel free to call us to discuss your thoughts, questions or requirements.