If you’re planning an outdoor event this season: summer marquee hire can be the perfect option for pretty much any occasion, ranging from weddings to festivals to gatherings like birthdays or corporate events. Our summer marquee hire can provide you and your guests with a practical and attractive solution to being outdoors, where convenience is key. But let’s first admit, that there can be a lot to plan, and keeping a checklist may be a great way for you to keep on top of everything!

Below we’ve compiled an essential summer checklist of 10 pointers from the best marquee hire Essex can offer, just for you, including everything that we believe you will have to consider when organising your summer marquee hire.

1 . Choosing the right summer marquee hire

When choosing the right marquee for your event there can be a lot to consider, from the correct size of the marquee according to the number of people coming, to the type of marquee that you want to hire look-wise, including factors like your event type and location. If you’re stuck on what the right marquee could be for you, check out one of our previous blogs on choosing a marquee from our five amazing options for more information on the different marquees that we provide.

2 . Location

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to own land yourself or you have friends or family with a spacious or particularly scenic garden, which could be the perfect backdrop for your summer marquee hire. Otherwise, you’ll need to consider the location for your event, consider legislation and check permits and regulations too for your marquee setup. If you need to find a venue we can help you with our recommended venues for outdoor events in Essex or Suffolk for the best locations for your marquee hire Essex or Suffolk have to offer.

3. Weather

With any British summer event, you’ll need to consider solutions for unpredictable rain, wind and extreme heat. A marquee can be the perfect option to protect yourselves and your wonderful guests from these elements and provide safety and comfort. You could always look into cooling options as well, to keep your event nicely air-conditioned on the more sweltering summer days.

4. Furniture and layout and additional equipment

At this stage, you may also want to consider possible flooring and lighting for your marquee. These can help create a polished look and the lighting can help take your event from day to evening smoothly whilst creating a certain ambience for your summer marquee hire.

You may need to plan the layout of furniture and seating arrangements within the marquee, choosing suitable tables chairs and other furnishings.

You can check out our additional equipment here for all your furniture solutions.

5. Decor and personalisation

The great thing about hiring one of our marquees is that you can individualise them with your own decor, incorporating any themes that you may have in mind, colour schemes and personal touches.
When you choose the best marquee hire Essex has to offer, you can really set the mood for your event and create the perfect initial setting for you to then make your own.

Summer marquee hire

6. Bar hire options

Whether you consider a dry hire bar or would prefer to have bar staff services at the event, we consider this an essential part of your checklist for your summer marquee hire. We offer amazing pop-up bar options where you buy your own alcohol and can serve guests yourself from a stylish bar, or hire in staff to serve it for you!
You may also want to consider an add-on tent which can open out onto your main marquee for drink serving that looks neat, tidy and professional. You can look into adding a room here for additional space.

7. Catering considerations

Catering can play a big part in organising the summer marquee hire for your event as you want your guests to be impressed and their stomachs full of delicious food.

From canapes to barbecues to pizza ovens, there’s a lot to consider in terms of getting it just right for your special event. We personally recommend Plenty of Thyme or Gather and Feast events for professional catering.

8. Entertainment

Have you considered the entertainment? The entertainment options are endless, from DJs to saxophonists, from dancefloors to photo booths. Make sure you consider exactly what’s right for you and your guests.

9. Guest comfortability

You may need to include things like outside toilets, for guest comfort, check out our luxury premier mobile toilets perfect for events big or small as we offer units of various sizes.
You may also need to consider generators to keep things running smoothly if you’re incorporating DJs, dancefloors etc. We also provide these under our additional equipment.

10. Recommended suppliers

You can check out our recommended suppliers for all of your needs above, from your bar and catering needs to your decor and DJ, this is who we trust to recommend to you.

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Overall, we hope this essential summer checklist has helped you prepare for your marquee event! We believe we have the best marquee hire Essex has to offer.

If you have any questions regarding anything relating to your summer marquee hire for your wedding or event you can check out our enquiries page to get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to help.



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