Due to the coronavirus and lockdown restrictions, the majority of this year’s wedding season has been postponed, which means that wedding suppliers and venues are being snapped up even quicker than ever. With this in mind, marquee wedding hire in Essex and Suffolk is becoming more and more popular.


Marquee weddings already provide complete flexibility however with government guidelines and social distancing still in place, marquees are becoming even more of a perfect solution. If you already have a marquee booked, it may be a simple process to upgrade to a larger structure or a solution to simply increase the space available at your current venue to allow for additional guests.

Wedding marquee hire Essex and Suffolk

.Why Should I consider a marquee for my wedding?

  • You can create more space which means you won’t have to reduce your number of guests.
  • A marquee can be the perfect extension to your current wedding venue. This will help ensure that social distancing is possible throughout your reception and you’ll be able to easily separate any vulnerable guests if need be.
  • We can provide structures for your wedding entertainment so you can move the dance floor outside.
  • It is recommended to provide additional hand washing and toilet facilities for your guests, both of which can be portable solutions for outside a venue. If interested, get in touch as we can also help to arrange these services.

The great thing about a marquee wedding is that you have full flexibility and control over your wedding. You just simply need some land and the rest is up to you. Whether it’s a farmers field or you’re lucky enough to have a large enough garden, once the marquee is in place, the world is your oyster. You can choose the layout – where the bar and DJ go, decide how to decorate and have total choice in outside caterers and suppliers.


 What type of marquee should I choose for my wedding?

Traditional Marquee Hire


Traditional marquees offer a beautiful focal point and you can choose to either have it fitting with lining or remain unlined.


Traditional Marquee hire Essex and Suffolk | County Marquees East Anglia

Sail Cloth Marquee Hire


With our brand new Sail Cloth Tents, you have the option to roll the sides up or have the clear sides down. With the panoramic sides you’ll be guaranteed a 360 degree view of your location.


Sail Cloth Marquee Hire Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk | County Marquees East Anglia

Clear Span Marquee Hire


Clear Span marquees can be placed anywhere including concrete surfaces. With no interior support poles required there will be no obstructions to get in the way of dance floors or stages etc.


Clear Span Marquee Hire in Essex by County Marquees East Anglia

Transparent Marquee Hire

With our transparent party tent you can really give your guests the wow factor and they’ll be able to ‘dance under the stars’.


Transparent Marquee Hire Essex and Suffolk | County Marquees East Anglia

Tipi Hire


Our tipis can be linked together and the sides can be raised to create a larger space. A perfect spacious and popular marquee alternative.


Distant view of a tipi hire in Essex | County Marquees East Anglia

Chinese Hats or Canopy Hire 


The perfect solution if you need to extend your space or add a room.


Chinese Hat and Canopy Hire Essex and Suffolk | County Marquees East Anglia

What about if I’m getting married in the winter?

If you’re getting married or planning to get married in the Autumn or Winter, marquee weddings are still the perfect choice, you may just need heaters to keep your guests warm. Currently we offer a 20% discount on all marquees installed between October and March, so watching the sun go down from a well lit marquee seems even more appealing now doesn’t it!?

Our recommended marquee for use in Autumn or Winter is our Clear Traditional, completely transparent marquee.

Read about our Transparent Party Tent here. It really is one of a kind!

Top marquee wedding venues

If you need help in finding a location for your wedding or event, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help make some suggestions. We’ve been lucky enough to work at some beautiful, breathtaking locations all over Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

Check out some of the venues we’ve worked at in Essex and Suffolk.

Whether you’re looking for a festival themed event or a traditional marquee wedding, County Marquees East Anglia are here to help whatever time of the year. Wedding Marquee Hire in Essex and Suffolk is the perfect solution to socially distance yourself at your wedding. Get in touch today for a no-obligation quotation.


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