If you’re looking for the best marquee hire Essex has to offer, you’ve come to the right place.
Choosing the right marquee for a wedding can be a difficult decision as it’s your big special day! It may feel daunting as there are a few things to think about, for example, considering what will fit with your style and theme and what will be the right size for your capacity and layout.

Here at County Marquees East Anglia, we can help you choose the perfect marquee for a wedding by offering you a range of options to suit your needs. Whether you decide something traditional is paramount, or you’d prefer a more laid-back bohemian feel, we have five main options for you to choose from, available in different sizes. Here is a bit more about each so you can decide what’s best for you!

1. Traditional marquees

Traditional marquees, designed to be situated on grass due to the wooden pole fixtures, provide an excellent focal point to any wedding, with a classic look and feel and breathable interior, they’re perfect for those of you who would like to add your own decor as they provide a nice clean backdrop with their minimal aesthetic.

2. Sailcloth marquees

The sail cloth marquees are similar to the traditional marquee but with a modern finish.
One great benefit of choosing this marquee for a wedding is that you can opt to have the sides rolled up to let all the sunlight in, perfect for a summer wedding.
Alternatively, if you do choose to have the sides down, they are transparent so they work well if you have a beautiful setting as you can still look out and enjoy the view.

3. Clear-span marquees

The benefits of our clear span marquees include easy assembly, as they do not feature guy ropes and can therefore be situated anywhere, such as on concrete. As this type of marquee doesn’t include internal poles it can also provide more space.

We recommend clear-span marquees for weddings where you want to incorporate outdoor features such as swimming pools or if you’re connecting them to a building, as you can remove a side to allow access.

4. Tipis for Marquee for a wedding

If you want to choose a marquee for a wedding that is fantastically unique, tipis can be a great option. Not only are they a little different and exciting but they can also be joined together, which means they can accommodate different numbers of wedding guests depending on your needs. This can make them the perfect option for smaller weddings too. They’re still spacious in design, but with a more rustic, bohemian finish that adds a little something extra.


How to choose a marquee for a wedding

5. Bell tent hire

With our stunning bell tent hire you can really glamp up your wedding. They are distinctive and relatively easy to set up, so they look great and create less fuss on the day.
Due to their smaller size, they can be used as an add-on to a main marquee or for weddings that don’t need as much cover, for example in the drier months.

Another huge plus for our bell tents is that they can double up as accommodation options for your guests. We offer furnishings with our higher packages so that everything has already been considered for you.
This can be a convenient alternative option to hotels and a way to keep your guests close.

Additional equipment

We also provide additional equipment to go along with your marquee for a wedding, ranging from lighting to linings and much more. You can also add a room to the main marquee and we have a range of options for this too which you can see here.

Finishing touches

If you want to find everything in one place along with your marquee for a wedding and any additional equipment, it’s worth noting that we provide finishing touches such as furniture, bars, easels, dance floors and exterior furniture.

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So we’ve established that your choice of marquee for a wedding can vary depending on various factors such as budget, how you want it to look, your event size and location and weather conditions, but hopefully, now it’s a bit clearer what kind of marquee hire will work for you.

If you’d like to know more about any of our marquees, please check out our options or for more advice just contact our friendly team and we can help with whatever it is that you need for your marquee hire for a wedding.


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