How can our marquee hire services help you plan your dream wedding?

Marquee weddings are all the rage right now. They’re classy and unique, and allow you to get creative and make your celebration truly your own. It’s no wonder that more and more couples are choosing to take their weddings outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the British countryside.

If you’re planning a marquee wedding, County Marquees East Anglia – suppliers of the best marquee hire Essex can offer – is here to help. As the top marquee hire service in the Essex area, we have the expertise to create beautiful and functional spaces for your big day.

Here are all the steps you need to know to help you create the wedding of your dreams!


Season selection

Setting the date for your wedding is a natural first step for most planners. It’s the day you build your dream around.

Setting a date for your wedding becomes an even more important step when you opt for a marquee wedding. The time of year plays a crucial role in the type of wedding you wish to create.


Spring/Summer: Marquee weddings during the warmer months are a popular choice. There’s nothing more romantic than enjoying your wedding day under the British sunshine, sipping fruity drinks and laughing with friends and family.

However, it’s important to consider the ever-changing British weather. Your warm summer’s day could quickly turn into sweltering hot, burning heat, or even a summertime shower.

The best times of year to enjoy an outside wedding in the summertime are May – June. These months the weather is just warming up, and you’ll still be able to enjoy a cool breeze.

July can sometimes prove too hot, and we start to see summer thunderstorms beginning in August and September. However, when you choose County Marquees East Anglia – suppliers of the best marquee hire Essex can offer – you still have the option to enjoy an outdoor wedding during these months thanks to our range of nifty marquees!

Our flexible and functional marquee hire options give you the ability to cater to unpredictable weather in the best possible way. For example, our Sail Cloth marquee’s panoramic sides mean that you are guaranteed a 360-degree view of your surroundings while staying sheltered from the blazing sun. The open sides allow a cool, breezy and bright area for guests to chill out and cool down out of the sun. Alternatively, if the weather was to grace your wedding day with a summer shower, the sides can be rolled down all the way, so that the party can still go on! Make sure to check out our marquee hire services!


Autumn/Winter: Forget what you’ve been told – we believe the most magical and unique weddings happen during these colder months!

Setting a date in these colder months opens up new styles and themes to explore – some magical ones at that. From winter wonderlands to woodland fairytales, we can help you create a show-stopping wedding inside your marquee that still incorporates the outside world.

Our Clear Span marquee features a covered roof with clear sides, trapping the heat within while keeping the winter setting around you visible throughout your night.

For extra magic, our Transparent marquee (the only one in the country, we believe!) will not only immerse your celebration into your winter surroundings seamlessly, but it will also open up the night sky!

With a transparent roof and sides, this marquee offers magical views of the night sky that will leave guests impressed.

Here at marquee hire service County Marquees East Anglia – supplier of the best marquee hire Essex can offer -, we believe there’s no bad season for a marquee wedding. However, depending on whether you’re looking for fairy lights, woodland and stars or bright evenings and sunglasses, the season you set your date in will make all of the difference.

Hire a marquee Essex with County Marquees East Anglia and we can help you choose the best season for the wedding you wish to create.

Want to see what else we can offer? Check out our range of marquee hire services!

Transparent party tent by marquee hire service County Marquees East Anglia

Location looking

One of the greatest advantages of opting for a marquee wedding is the incredible flexibility it offers. With our marquee hire services, you can create a truly unique and personalised celebration in a location that holds special meaning to you.

Whether you envision exchanging vows on the elegant grounds of a country house, in the natural beauty of a field, or the intimate setting of a loved one’s garden, County Marquees East Anglia is here with our marquee hire service to make your vision a reality. Our marquee hire services are designed to cater to your specific location preferences, allowing you to bring your dream wedding to life.

While it’s important to note that marquees cannot be set up just anywhere, at County Marquees East Anglia, we utilize cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with the flexibility they desire in almost any location. Our Clear Span marquees, in particular, are highly versatile and can be set up even in limited spaces, ensuring that you can have the perfect venue for your special day.

If you’re looking to hire a marquee Essex, trust County Marquees East Anglia’s marquee hire services to help. We’ll work closely with you to bring your vision to life and create a truly unforgettable celebration in the setting that holds the most significance to you.


Size matters

Contrary to popular belief, size does matter.

Choosing the right size marquee is a crucial part of planning your wedding. There’s nothing worse than an overcrowded and cramped marquee on a hot and stuffy day, just like there’s nothing worse than an oversized marquee with too much room and too few people to fill it.

Choosing the right marquee size with sufficient space is what will make your day a comfortable one.

A marquee should be big enough to comfortably fit all of your guests, seating, a dance floor, a bar, and reception drinks without being too cramped or too vast. Here at County Marquees East Anglia – with the best marquee hire Essex can offer – we understand the importance of selecting the appropriate marquee size to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone. Our marquee hire services are here to help!

First and foremost, it’s essential to have a clear idea of your guest list and extras before finalising the size of your marquee.

Consider what type of table you will need and calculate the number of guests each table can accommodate. This will help you determine the amount of space required for the dining area. If you’re unsure of furniture at this time, don’t worry. Take a look at our range of hirable furniture and tables for inspiration…who knows, maybe you’ll find something you like!

Next, think about the additional areas within the marquee. A designated dance floor is a must-have for those who love to dance the night away (and guess what – we have this for hire too!) Don’t forget to allocate room for a bar area to ensure guests have easy access to refreshments throughout the celebration. If you’re planning on a winter wedding, making room for marquee heaters to keep guests toasty should be considered. Ask us about our marquee heaters!

Choosing the right size marquee ensures that your wedding flows smoothly, allowing you and your guests to relax and enjoy every moment of your special day. Hire a marquee Essex with County Marquees East Anglia and we can guide you in choosing the right-sized marquee!

Festoon lights by marquee hire service County Marquees East Anglia

Swell style

Marquee weddings have evolved drastically in the last century, and couples now have a wide range of stylish marquee hire service options to choose from, offering a fun alternative for those seeking a modern wedding experience. County Marquees East Anglia is at the forefront of providing these stylish marquee options, ensuring a memorable and fashionable wedding celebration.

Using modern technology, County Marquees East Anglia Traditional marquee provides a ‘blank canvas’ space for couples to decorate as they wish. These marquees are especially popular with those looking for a classic, timeless look for their special day.

If you’re after a boho or festival vibe, tipis are the way to go! Their thicker canvas creates a cosy and intimate atmosphere, especially when illuminated with our festoon lights or candles!

Whatever style, make sure you choose marquee hire services from County Marquees East Anglia (with the best marquee hire Essex has seen!) for venues that will blow your guests away!


Extra exciting

When planning a marquee wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in the major details while overlooking the delightful hidden extras that add a touch of magic to your special day.

For those winter weddings, firepits and blankets ensure that even on colder nights, your loved ones can enjoy the outdoor ambience while staying comfortably warm.

And let’s not forget the power of decorative details. Our festoon lights are nothing short of charming. These extra touches can elevate your overall night – making it one to remember.

Check out our additional equipment for hire and marquee hire services!


Choose marquee hire services from County Marquees East Anglia and enjoy the best marquee hire Essex can offer

Planning a marquee wedding is exciting and rewarding. The freedom to create a celebration that is uniquely your own can be a dream come true. From selecting the perfect marquee size to choosing the ideal location, County Marquees East Anglia’s expertise and dedication are here to help you every step of the way.

When you choose to hire a marquee Essex with County Marquees East Anglia, you can rest assured that you have access to modern, stylish marquees and a team of wedding experts ready to help you create your perfect day for an affordable price. We cant wait to offer you only the best marquee hrie services in the area!

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