Winter Wedding under the stars!!

When it comes to your dream wedding and the need to hire a marquee Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex marquee specialists County Marquees East Anglia know that many brides have dreamt of their perfect wedding for years, in some cases since childhood! Their ideal day is often in a beautiful marquee on glamorous grounds, set against a picture-perfect summer’s day. Blue skies, lots of sunshine (without being too hot!), a gentle breeze, and cool warm evenings are probably top of most bride’s wishlist when it comes to the weather for their big day.

Hire a marquee Norfolk Winter Wedding under the stars Transparent Marquee

Advantages of a winter wedding

But have you ever considered the advantages of a winter wedding? You could have a winter wedding where you and your guests can eat, drink and dance beneath the stars! With marquee heating options now available, the cold weather doesn’t have to be a factor on your big day. And who knows? It may even snow which would make your wedding even more magical!

As experts on how to hire a marquee Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex-based County Marquees East Anglia have the perfect marquee that will open your wedding reception to the winter skies without compromising on warmth. With their Transparent Marquee (the only one of its kind available in the UK) you can have the most romantic and beautiful reception with themes that reflect the season, all under a clear span roof so you and your guests can spend the evening dancing under the stars!

Can you picture the scene? You and your guests arrive for your wedding reception on a cold and snowy day, and before you lies a completely transparent marquee glowing invitingly with warmth, ready for you all to celebrate and party the night away in style. Sounds amazing right? With the Transparent Marquee, you can stop imagining! And with a winter wedding under the stars, you have many other benefits that might not suit a summer wedding. Specialists in how to hire a marquee Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex-based County Marquees East Anglia, have put together a few other reasons why a winter wedding under the stars could be the perfect option for you. Enjoy!

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Winter wedding themes

This is where you can really go to town and let your imagination run wild! A winter wedding allows for endless winter themes to be incorporated into your wedding, especially for the marquee decoration itself! Think winter wonderland, with rustic tables covered in white glittery linen, table decorations made from holly, white painted trees with fairy lights dangling in the bare branches, fake snow on the floor, and a fire pit at each end of the marquee…the possibilities are endless! You can tie your bridal and bridesmaid’s dresses into a winter theme with a colour palette of whites and greys, with silver accessories… a la Queen Elsa from Frozen! When offset against a transparent marquee these types of themes create a truly beautiful and original setting, one that will live long in the memory of all of those lucky enough to be invited to share in your big day.

Winter foods

One of the disadvantages of a summer wedding is any food left out will quickly come to the attention of our little flying friends, and the heat will also affect certain foods that are not eaten immediately. Most summer weddings opt for lighter options, as who wants to have a heavy meal in high temperatures? With a winter wedding, you can have many more options for your wedding breakfast. Offer your guests more hearty fayre than they would get at a summer wedding, a hot bowl of venison stew with crusty bread, or beef wellington with all the trimmings? Whatever your favourite winter foods are, they are bound to be a hit with your guests on a cold winter’s day!

Additional lighting

Typically, a summer wedding means there is light until well into the evening. Not so with a winter wedding, where the sun goes down well before dinner time. This is actually a benefit of a winter wedding, as this allows you to illuminate your marquee (and the exterior areas), making for a stunning scene! Fairy lights dangling from the ceiling of the marquee, lamps on the tables, and lighted walkways to and from the marquee make for an incredibly romantic and intimate atmosphere, something that would be wasted in the summertime! As experts in how to hire a marquee Norfolk, Suffolk, and marquees Essex specialists, County Marquees East Anglia, have many different lighting options that would make your marquee hire Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk look amazing.

Everything is typically more cost-effective!

Aside from all of the above benefits of having a winter wedding, did you know that by having a winter wedding you could well save a lot more money as typically wedding venues and wedding suppliers charge significantly less during the winter months? So not only could you have the wedding of your dreams, it will cost less than if you had it in the summer! So if you are going to have a wedding and hire a marquee Norfolk, Suffolk, and marquees Essex-based County Marquees East Anglia suggest having an amazing winter wedding under the stars, more memorable, and more cost-effective!


Hire a marquee Norfolk, Essex & Suffolk for your winter wedding

So what is there to think about? Hire a marquee Norfolk, Suffolk, or Essex and have a winter wedding under the stars! The County Marquees East Anglia Transparent Marquee is the only one of its kind in the UK and is available for hire for your winter wedding! If you are looking for marquee hire Essex, marquees Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk, or Transparent Marquee hire Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk then County Marquees East Anglia are ready to hear from you! Contact the team here.

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