Are you looking for a unique glamping experience? If so, we’d love to introduce you to our brand-new stunning bell tents for hire.

They’re 5x5m in size, easy to assemble, and relatively hazard-free. Our bell tents are so versatile too and available in different packages ranging from our standard bell tent up to bridal, so we can suit your every need.

Just in case you need to know more about our bell tents for hire, we have listed the top 10 reasons to consider hiring these for your upcoming wedding or event below!

1. Convenient on-site accommodation

Our bell tents for hire mean that your accommodation can be on site. So whether you’re planning a wedding, festival or any type of event, your guests can stay a stone’s throw away.

2. Versatile packages to suit every need

We have a range of versatile packages available with our bell tents for hire. These options start with the standard bell tent hire of our 5m bell tents which work as a blank canvas to create your dream space. We also have options like ultra glamping and bridal glamping where you can enjoy a double mattress fitted with sheets, a duvet, pillows, a blanket and a chair and cushion; a table and fairy lights for a bit of extra magic and atmosphere.

3. Create your own glamping village

With our bell tents, you can create your glamping village by selecting as many as you need for the number of guests that you have and placing them in any way that you wish. This will create a beautiful scene for your event and keep everybody close. You may choose to mix and match the bell tents depending on what you require them for.

4. Luxurious comfort in every tent

Our bell tents are a step above traditional camping, we offer the level of comfort that you desire, so your guests can feel well looked after and enjoy a unique experience, in surprisingly spacious areas which can be dressed however you want them to be.

5. Perfect for continuing the party

Our bell tents for hire are perfect for continuing the party! They can be placed in very social layouts. You could dot them strategically between campfires or use them to create circles building a community feel to keep everyone together as the night goes on.


Exterior Shot of Bell Tents for hire by County Marquees East Anglia

6. Great for family-friendly events

When considering family-friendly events, you may want to use the spaces to create themed areas, or cosy nooks for children to get away and play activities whilst staying in the shade on a sunny day. They’re child-friendly as the singular pole design means that they are safe to use and very practical.

7. A unique experience to create memories

If you’re looking for a unique experience to capture memories and take beautiful pictures, look no further. Our bell tents for hire provide something completely different to the norm so your event can truly stand out as something special.

8. Weatherproof and reliable

The sturdy but simple structures of our bell tents for hire make them easy to set up and reliable. They are weatherproof which is ideal with our unpredictable English weather, protecting you from the rain or offering you shade, so whatever the weather you have somewhere to go.

9. Cost-effective alternatives to hotels

Hotels can be expensive, far away, and possibly not be able to accommodate all of your guests. We believe that our bell tents are a great alternative to costly hotels, whilst providing similar levels of comfortability.

10. Flexible spaces for various uses

Our bell tents have endless possibilities of use. The glamping options would be perfect for the suggestions mentioned such as weddings and festivals or to create play areas for children, but you may want to use the spaces for workshops or team-building activities. They could work as the ultimate spots for the likes of yoga retreats, wellness spaces, or more corporate-style events..and the list goes on!

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