Clear Span Marquee Hire

We are an Essex based marquee hire specialists with extensive experience. Our passion is such that we ensure we are always in possession of the very best, latest technology – such as the Clear Span marquee. This means we are able to offer you the widest range and finest varieties to Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, and all East Anglian regions.

What is a Clear Span marquee?

Clear Span marquees are modular aluminium framed marquees with white PVC coverings. They benefit from no guy ropes and due to this can be situated anywhere, including hard surfaces such as concrete. This makes them and ideal solution for your event if you require something next to a building or over gardens and borders.

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A clear span marquee with a Chinese Hat annexe bar tent at each end. This marquee is fitted with Georgian Canvas Windows.

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Porch extensions are available on our clear span marquees, providing a very useful sheltered outdoor area.

What are the advantages of a Clear Span marquee?

Due to the design, when you hire a Clear Span marquees you will benefit from conventional style and modern technology. They are easy to assemble, even in wind so there is less pre event disruption. As mentioned above there is a huge advantage in the ability to place your marquee wherever you like, including limited spaces. With no internal poles you also have more interior space than other models. Guests enjoy a clear view, which the Clear Span model can guarantee. Of course, when you work with us you also benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge.

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Above is an example of a clear span marquee connected to a building, one side of the marquee has been removed allowing for access.

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The inside of a clear span marquee with no central poles.

Our Clear Span marquees are perfect for anyone whose event requires attractive, functional space with maximum internal area with minimum fuss. Any occasion from a wedding to a business event, our private or corporate hire customers are never disappointed.

We provide clear span marquees for hire to all areas of East Anglia including Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.